MAY 2016 Newsletter


Reminder: COME EARLY MAY 19 IF YOU WANT A GOOD PARKING SPOT. 6:00 OR EARLIER. The church is having a concert event the night of our meeting.

Monthly Meeting

6:30 PM 3rd Thursday, MAY 19, 2016
First Methodist Church, 566 S. Haywood Street, Waynesville
Board meeting at 5:30 PM


Wednesday May 11, 2016, 10am-2PM at Pavilion Call Elsie Orrell for questions 926-9177


Quilt Show:
Thurs: Oct. 13; 12:00 noon – 7:00 p.m.
Fri & Sat Oct. 14 & 15: 10 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
First Baptist Church, Maggie Valley

Please try and attend the May meeting. Tickets for the donation quilt will be handed out so you can begin selling!

Mary Glance’s Block Reminder…bring to MAY meeting:
9-1/2 unfinished block, any pattern, 1930s fabric, signed by maker.

Appalachian Lifestyle Celebration-Saturday, June 11
We will be selling tickets for our donation quilt downtown Waynesville.
2 hour ticket selling time slots almost filled at the April meeting.
Sign-up sheet available at our MAY meeting.
In 2015 we sold over $400.00 of tickets and we had lots of fun.


The Guild is planning to make it possible for members to sell quilts on our website. The plan is to dedicate a page to “for sale want ads” for your quilts. Members would provide photos and info (size, title, price and any other relevant info) for us to post as well as a means of contact such as an email address. Any sale would be strictly between the buyer and seller. The Guild simply provides the want ad space. Contact Connie Nicholson,

We hope that this would provide a useful tool for our members as well as a means of bringing people to our site and maybe get them interested in helping the group.

Connie Nicholson
Publicity and Website

String Piecing Workshop -April 22

Thank you Elsie Orrell!…. for the string piecing workshop. We had 10 members present and a good time was had by all; and now we can look forward to some quickly completed string pieced quilts….all different!

Fabric Clothesline Bowl Workshop – May 20

Judy Heyward will be teaching us how to make beautiful fabric bowls with clothes lines on May 20. Supply lists were distributed at the April meeting.

We have a waiting list for this popular workshop. Hopefully, we will have a new home that will accommodate the waiting list too.

To sign up for any workshop, contact


Mystery table runner or table topper (or try just 1 square)

1. Select 2 contrasting fabrics. Fabric 1 should be a light color…solid or tone on tone. Fabric 2 should be medium or dark. It should be a small print (non directional)
2. From each fabric cut out 4 9¬Ω” squares.
3. RST sew the 2 contrasting squares together around the outside edges using a ¬º” seam.
4. Draw lines from corner to corner diagonally. Cut on each line to get 4 ¬Ω square triangles.
5. Arrange in a pinwheel and sew together to make a 12″ square block.

More to come……


President – Sheryl Lentini 734-8306
Vice Pres – Linda Hammar 648-9234
Sect’y -Gretchen Tope 627-2040
Treas. – Alyson Nelson 400-0587
At Large – Linda Carver 926-8582
At Large – Terri DeLano 630-677-6701
At Large -Susan Balantine 456-3101

Challenge Quilt Chair Jeannie Theodore 245-9455
Community Day Chairs Donna Sharpe 734-3444 and Elsie Orrell 926-9177
Donation Quilt Chair Your name could be here!
Library Chair Andrea Tilmont 926-9936
Membership Chair Janeen Conway 926-6211 (home) 269-405-6135 (cell)
Newsletter Chair Kathy Kelsey 926-3169
Program Chair 2016 Gail Holt 456-4477
Program Chair 2017 Denise Seay 803-528-3786
Publicity Chair Connie Nicholson 246-0557
Quilts For Heroes Donna Sharpe 734-3444
Quilt Show Chair Jan Hartmann 926-5318 (summer)
Sunshine Chair Betty McMillan 550-7814 (summer) 904-743-0503 (cell)
Vendor Chair Your name could be here!

2017 Program Chair – Denise Seay



REMINDER: Betty McMillan is our Sunshine chair. If you know of an illness or death in our membership, please let her know: or 904-743-0503 (winter) or 550-7814 (summer).

Please remember in your prayers our Treasurer,  Alyson Nelson, who is recovering after her recent hospitalization.
Please also pray for our President, Sheryl Lentini, for another recovery.


Quilts for Heroes –

April 25, 2016 – 50 quilts were sent to Germany! May thanks to Andrea, Gayle, Kathy, Elsie, Diane and Jeneen for making it possible to pull it together at the last minute. Check with Elsie for the use of the Flossie Room or whatever room we end up in. If you finish any quilts and want to get rid of them please let Andrea know.

Have a wonderful summer. Thank you each and every one!

Donna Sharpe 734-3444

MEMBERS CORNER…If you have news or something for sale…..

Please email Kathy at if you have items for this area. Please send all articles by the 5th of the month. We hope to have the newsletter out by the 6th or 7th so watch for it. Thank you.

FOR SALE: Grace Model EZ3 Hand-Quilting frame
$150.00 or best offer
small to large quilts-includes cloth leader fabric
like new condition-used 2x

Corrections to Membership List Booklet:

Email Correction for Becky D. Peters:

Returning Member:
Williams, Gwynne
3168 Soco Road
Maggie Valley, NC 28751
winter: 1220 Glenwood Rd
Deland, FL 32720

Balentine, Susan,
274 Calhoun Road, Waynesville, NC 28786,

Bowman, Charisse
1550 Inman Branch Rd.
Waynesville, NC 28786,954-415-6905 (cell),, winter: 2571 SE 13th St.,Pompano Beach, FL 33062
New Member:
Linda Hanst
65 Grandview Circle
Waynesville, NC 28786

Please check your list and add these ladies if you need to.

Quilters Bill of Rights #22 “A quilter has the right not to finish any quilt project started in a class”
Quilters Home Ju/Aug 2007
SEND OUR NEWSLETTER TO A FRIEND!! You can forward this newsletter to a friend by clicking the “Forward this email” link below and they can then join our mailing list. If you are a member and have inadvertently unsubscribed to our newsletter, ask a member to forward the newsletter to you and you can re-join our mailing list the same way.


High Country Quilters Guild, P.O.Box 706, 3987 Soco Road, Maggie Valley, NC 28751


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