February 2017 Newsletter


Attention Members

The two wall cabinets in the Flossie White room are now locked for security reasons. Unfortunately, we had some fabric and quilts taken that were being stored in the FWR. If you need access to Quilts For Heroes fabric or batting, the irons and boards please contact one of the following three people that have keys to the cabinets:

Sheryl Lentini 828-734-8306

Linda Hanst 828-734-0453 Elsie Orrell   828-926-9177

February 16 2017 MEETING

Members should bring up to 3 tips they’ve learned, with props, if they have them available (tips/props) like Fons & Porter does at the end of their show

6:30 PM 3rd Thursday,
First Methodist Church
566 S. Haywood Street
Board meeting at 5:30 PM


Flossie White Room. Call Elsie Orrell for questions 926-9177. The quilting sessions will be the 2nd and 4th Thursday. (Elsie’s Maggie group will still be meeting on Wed)

Quilting won’t solve all your problems, but then again neither will housework!


Let’s slow down and play with our fingers on Friday, February 17!

I’ll have an 8″x10″ base and patterns (map of Haywood County, mountain scene, animal patterns). We will applique, reverse applique and big stitch pieces of fabric to the base. Then we’ll embroider and sew on buttons, ribbon, cording, embellishments, etc.

The goal will be to learn stitches and methods of handwork that can be done every day even with limited time-while creating a small piece that can be framed as is, used in a larger piece or pieced together with other small works created with the same methods to create a larger piece.

On Friday, February 17, bring the following to the Flossie White room at 10:00 a.m.:
5 pieces of coordinating fabric (fat 1/8’s, 1/4’s, etc.)
YLI silk thread (neutral color)
Hand sewing supplies
Small pair of scissors
Buttons, ribbon, cording, yarns, embellishments and found objects (man-made or natural)

Please email denise.seay@ctt.com if you’re coming so I’ll know how many kits to make.


President – Sheryl Lentini 734-8306

Vice Pres – Linda Hammar 648-9234

Sect’y -Gretchen Tope 627-2040

Treas. – Alyson Nelson 400-0587

At Large – Linda Carver 926-8582

At Large – Terri DeLano 630-677-6701

At Large -Susan Balantine 456-3101



Challenge Quilt Chair Jeannie Theodore 245-9455

Community Day/Quilts For Heroes Chairs

Linda Hanst 734-0453 and Elsie Orrell 926-9177

Donation Quilt ChairDenise Seay

Library Chair Volunteer Opportunity

Membership Chair Janeen Conway 926-6211 (home) 269-405-6135 (cell)

Newsletter Chair Terri DeLano 630-677-6701

Program Chair 2017 Denise Seay 803-528-3786

Program Chair 2018 Denise Seay

Publicity Chair Connie Nicholson 246-0557

Quilt Show Chair Jan Hartmann 926-5318 (summer)

Sunshine Chair Betty McMillan 550-7814 (summer) 904-743-0503 (cell)

Vendor Chair Volunteer Opportunity


Before and after the February meeting, we will be selling some fabric and a few other odds and ends from the Flossie White room. Bring your dollar bills and quarters. We will sell for half an hour before the meeting, starting at 6:00 pm

and then will stay a bit after the meeting too.

Baby Lock Machine

There is a Baby Lock Decorator’s Choice sewing machine in the Flossie White room. Is this your machine or is it a donation? Please let Sheryl Lentini know if this is your machine. It is currently locked up for safe keeping in our cabinet.


REMINDER: Betty McMillan is our Sunshine chair. If you know of an illness or death in our membership, please let her know: hokodah@peoplepc.com or 904-743-0503 (winter) or 550-7814 (summer).

Upcoming shows

The Heart of the Triad Quilt Guild is celebrating their 20th year anniversary with their bi-annual quilt show:

“Our 20th Anniversary Celebration, Not Just Another Quilt Show” Show Dates are April 21 and 22 – Friday 9 am to 5 pm, Saturday 9 am to 4 pm

Location: “The Church on 68” (formerly C3 Church Greensboro) at 300 NC Highway 68 South, Greensboro, NC 27409 I-40 exit 210

Admission $5.00 with free parking

We will have over 100 quilts, including the guild challenge category. Lorraine Covington of Clemmons, NC is our certified NQA Judge.

We have a great line up of vendors for your shopping pleasure and our Boutique has popular items that sell out at every show. Granny’s Attic has the best selection of things you didn’t know you needed! We will also have a fantastic “Silent Auction” with fabulous items to bid on or “Buy Now”.

This years opportunity quilt is “Curved Log Cabin”, an Augusta Cole Design. The drawing for this beautiful quilt will be Saturday, April 22nd at 3 pm. Tickets are available for $1 each and you do not have to be present to win.

For more information on the show, visit our websitehottqg.com, or emailhotqg874@gmail.comwith any questions.


The Roanoke Star Quilters Quilt Show is March 24 and 25.

Attached you will find a flyer and a registration form.

The show is not just for Star Quilters.

Join us-hang a quilt and/or see the show.

(Our 2015 Best in Show came from North Carolina.)

Roanoke is a fun day trip for a lot of you!

Thanks for helping us advertise.

Elsie Bailey

More info http://www.quilting.org/star-quilters-guild


The Charlotte Quilters’ Guild 40th Anniversary Quilt Show “A Walk Down Memory Lane” will be held on March 10th and 11th at the Union County Agricultural Center, 3230 Presson Road (off Highway 74) in Monroe, NC. Admission is $5.00 with plenty of free parking.

We promise a fun day trip for any quilter (and non-quilter) attending the show. We will have more than 100 judged quilts on display, a special exhibit of our past Best of Show winners, local and regional vendors, our raffle quilt and wonderful raffle basket prizes. Our flyer is attached which lists our sponsors and vendors. You can also enter to win a Featherweight sewing machinedonatedby FeatherweightPoppy.


Please share our quilt show information with your membership, quilting friends and family. We would also appreciate it if you can add our information to your newsletter and/or website.

Visit our website for more information at http://www.charlottequiltersguild.org or email us at

quiltshow@charlottequiltersguild.org with any questions.


Quilts for Heroes -Keep quilting! Donna will be returning for a visit during the spring.

Kitten/Puppy beds – Keep making beds!

12 X 12 square pillows. Stuff lightly with all those scraps we throw away and sew closed. Keep one by your sewing machine and fill lightly. If they are stuffed to tight they are hard to wash. Or, bring your scraps to the meetings and we will finish them. They go in the cages and given when an animal is adopted. The critters would love to have beds made out of that fabric you can’t remember why you bought it!


Bernice and Elsie

Bad Habits Quilters need to break

Not organizing your fabric scraps

Will you ever use fabric scraps if you can’t even tell what you have? Our favorite thing is to organize scraps by colors. If you don’t have them organized, you might as well throw them out because they won’t be used and they’re taking up precious space!

Overly criticizing your work

Do you nit-pick and over analyze your stitches and points? Stop it. Seriously, just stop. You’re not doing anyone any favors and especially yourself by trash talking. Why not celebrate that you actually made time to sew? Congratulate that you finished a project. Be happy that you created something that didn’t exist before. That’s pretty cool.

Putting water in your iron

We might all be guilty of this one. Water in the iron (with the exception of distilled) can corrode your iron. Or worse, a leak could leave a spot stain on your fabric. Get a spray bottle of water to help with misting needs.

Cutting in the same place on your mat

Want a quick way to wear out your mat? Always cut at the same place. Mats need time to heal. Here’s a little more on how to care for your mat.

Sewing over pins

Sewing over a pin causes problems. Needles bend, dull, or worse-break. If you have a habit of sewing over pins because you haven’t experienced issues yet, please stop now.

Not maintaining your machine

Clean your machine regularly. Change the needle when you see stitch quality decrease or hear a gentle thud sound. Take your machine to the mechanic once in a while. Be good to your machine and she’ll be good to you!

Not completing your projects

Having too many unfinished projects is discouraging. If you find you have a project you started, but haven’t returned to in years, probably you’re discouraged or simply not interested. This is a great opportunity to donate your half-done project to your guild or a friend who might love a head start on a new project!

Unthreading the machine incorrectly

When you change a spool color, the first thing we normally do is just pull the spool off the machine and pull the thread backwards through the tension discs. Easy? Yes. Bad for your machine? Yes. Time to break the habit and cut the thread at the spool and pull it out through the needle.

Using dull cutting tools

This is a no brainer, but sometimes you just hope our rotary cutter will make it a few more squares or that the frayed fabric edges from your shears aren’t that bad. Sewing is much easier with crisp edges and choosing to use high quality sharps can help alleviate a lot of frustration and save time.

Using low-quality thread and fabrics

You knew this was coming! Low quality threads shed lint, break, and may not stand the test of time. Similarly, fabric quality will affect how long your quilt will last. We recommend buying the highest quality you can afford. This will make sewing and quilting much more enjoyable.

MEMBERS CORNER…If you have news or something for sale…..

Please email Terri at highcountryquilt@att.net if you have items for this area. Please send all articles by the 5th of the month. We hope to have the newsletter out by the 6th or 7th so watch for it. Thank you.

SEND OUR NEWSLETTER TO A FRIEND!! You can forward this newsletter to a friend by clicking the “Forward this email” link below and they can then join our mailing list. If you are a member and have inadvertently unsubscribed to our newsletter, ask a member to forward the newsletter to you and you can re-join our mailing list the same way.

EMAIL: highcountryquilt@att.net

WEB: highcountryquilters.wordpress.com

High Country Quilters Guild, P.O.Box706, 3987SocoRoad,Maggie Valley,NC28751



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