January 2017 Newsletter


Donation Quilt Workday
January 20 2017
Flossie White room

Thank you all for your patience in my taking over newsletter duties. Please let me know if I need to change or fix anything.

Terri D.

Monthly Meeting
6:30 PM 3rd Thursday,
First Methodist Church
566 S. Haywood Street
Board meeting at 5:30 PM


Flossie White Room. Call Elsie Orrell for questions 926-9177. The quilting sessions will be the 2nd and 4th Thursday. (Elsie’s Maggie group will still be meeting on Wed)

REMINDER FOR QUILT SHOW 2017: The Row Quilt is coming along with all the groups and a group workshop to complete the top, is scheduled for January 20, 2017. The blocks should have been turned in to Denise Seay by the December Party (if you have not already done so please contact Denise).


Jeanne reminds you to be thinking/working on the challenge quilts for next year’s show: Childhood Games. Make your small quilt a memory from your childhood: cops and robbers; cowboys and Indians; kick the can; hop scotch; blindman’s bluff; leap frog; pick-up-sticks; marbles; twister; capture the flag; hide and seek; red rover; wheelbarrow race; tug o war; jacks; ring around the rosie; musical chairs. Also included might be skip/jump rope; climbing trees; bed jumping; simon says; button button, who’s got the button, telephone; water fights; kite flying.


Member will be discussing future plans for the Guild especially growth and recruitment of new quilters.

Reminder Message from our Treasurer

2017 Dues

It’s time for your 2017 dues. The cost for renewing members is $15.00 and for new members is $20.00. Renewal dues must be paid by February 2017 to assure you are included in the 2017 membership directory. Please mail dues to HCQG, P.O. Box 706, Maggie Valley, NC 28751.

What does a member get for $15.00? First, you should know that the price of our dues is the most reasonable in our area. Secondly, your dues help to provide programs at our monthly meeting and workshops throughout the year. Most of our workshops are free to members! We occasionally charge a small fee for some nationally known teachers to help defray the costs. Your dues helps pay for our newsletter software program and all the other supplies the guild needs.

And don’t forget our sewing days at the Maggie Valley committee center in the Flossie White room are free.

We do require all members sell 24 tickets for our donation quilt each year and while many members buy the tickets themselves, you can certainly sell the tickets to family, friends and neighbors keeping your yearly financial commitment to our guild at $15.00.

Please review our proposed 2017 budget which will be voted on at the January 2017 meeting. If you have any questions about the budget, please let me know.


January meeting

Bring your ideas and suggestions for the upcoming year’s philanthropy, focus and general direction.



January None   (Weather Considerations)
February     Denise       Handwork
March Sheryl         Cut curves without Rulers
(Quilts for Heroes Workshop)
April   Sandra Baker     Crazy Quilting
May Mark Sherman   Applique by Mach
(still to be confirmed)
June 10 The Quilters Gallery       Scrappy Kites
(This is a SATURDAY Class)
June 15 Jeneen Applique
July Liz Florom Wonky Houses
August Open
September   Bernice        Scarecrow
October None
November   Terri Watercolor Wreath
December   None


January Sheryl       Future Guild Plans
February     Denise       Hand work
March       Bring Quilting/Needlework from other Cultures
April Sandra Baker   Crazy Quilts
May Mark Sherman Man Quilting
June Open
July Liz Florom Color
August       Social
September Challenge Quilts and “Bring a book”
October None Quilt show
November Open
December Party


*Row By Row

donation quiltDenise has scheduled a work day Friday, January 20, 2017 to begin to put it together. Bring your sewing machine, neutral (cream) thread, and the usual sewing supplies. Flossie White Room. Let’s all “get ‘er done”.


President – Sheryl Lentini 734-8306

Vice Pres – Linda Hammar 648-9234

Sect’y -Gretchen Tope 627-2040

Treas. – Alyson Nelson 400-0587

At Large – Linda Carver 926-8582

At Large – Terri DeLano 630-677-6701

At Large -Susan Balantine 456-3101



Challenge Quilt Chair Jeannie Theodore 245-9455

Community Day/Quilts For Heroes Chairs

Linda Hanst 734-0453 and Elsie Orrell 926-9177

Donation Quilt ChairDenise Seay

Library Chair Volunteer Opportunity

Membership Chair Janeen Conway 926-6211 (home) 269-405-6135 (cell)

Newsletter Chair Terri DeLano 630-677-6701

Program Chair 2017 Denise Seay 803-528-3786

Program Chair 2018 Denise Seay

Publicity Chair Connie Nicholson 246-0557

Quilt Show Chair Jan Hartmann 926-5318 (summer)

Sunshine Chair Betty McMillan 550-7814 (summer) 904-743-0503 (cell)

Vendor Chair Volunteer Opportunity


REMINDER: Betty McMillan is our Sunshine chair. If you know of an illness or death in our membership, please let her know: hokodah@peoplepc.com or 904-743-0503 (winter) or 550-7814 (summer).


Quilts for Heroes -Keep quilting! Donna will be returning for a visit during the spring.

Kitten/Puppy beds – Keep making beds!

12 X 12 square pillows. Stuff lightly with all those scraps we throw away and sew closed. Keep one by your sewing machine and fill lightly. If they are stuffed to tight they are hard to wash. Or, bring your scraps to the meetings and we will finish them. They go in the cages and given when an animal is adopted. The critters would love to have beds made out of that fabric you can’t remember why you bought it!


Bernice and Elsie

MEMBERS CORNER…If you have news or something for sale…..

Please email Kathy at highcountryquilt@att.net if you have items for this area. Please send all articles by the 5th of the month. We hope to have the newsletter out by the 6th or 7th so watch for it. Thank you.

Quilters are not Greedy, they’re just Materialistic!

SEND OUR NEWSLETTER TO A FRIEND!! You can forward this newsletter to a friend by clicking the “Forward this email” link below and they can then join our mailing list. If you are a member and have inadvertently unsubscribed to our newsletter, ask a member to forward the newsletter to you and you can re-join our mailing list the same way.

EMAIL: highcountryquilt@att.net

WEB: http://www.highcountryquilters.wordpress.com

High Country Quilters Guild, P.O.Box706, 3987Soco Road,Maggie Valley, NC 28751


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