November 2016 Newsletter

Nov. 17 meeting: The Church is having an evening event…see below.

Let’s try this: Bring two 2-1/2″ strips. Red/green/white/off white for Christmas. Prints or solids.

Congratulations 2016 show winners:
Jeneen Conway #1
Kay Ross #2
Barbara Burke #3

Thanks to everyone who worked at the show to make it a success!

Monthly Meeting

3rd Thursday,
November 17, 2016
First Methodist Church
566 S. Haywood Street


Flossie White Room. Call Elsie Orrell for questions 926-9177. The quilting sessions will be the 2nd and 4th Thursday. (Elsie’s Maggie group will still be meeting on Wed)

QUILT SHOW 2017: 2016 was pretty much a success and plans are already in the works for next year. The Row Quilt is coming along with all the groups and a group workshop to complete the topis scheduled for January 20, 2017. The blocks should be turned in to your group leader in November so that she can turn them to Denise at the December luncheon.


Jeanne has come up with a challenging idea for next year: Childhood Games. Make your small quilt a memory from your childhood: cops and robbers; cowboys and Indians; kick the can; hop scotch; blindman’s bluff; leap frog; pick-up-sticks; marbles; twister; capture the flag; hide nd seek; red rover; wheelbarrow race; tug o war; jacks; ring around the rosie; musical chairs. Also included might be skip/jump rope; climbing trees; bed jumping; simon says; button button, who’s got the button, telephone; water fights; kite flying.


Message from our Treasurer:

2017 Dues

It’s time for your 2017 dues. The cost for renewing members is $15.00 and for new members is $20.00. Renewal dues must be paid by February 2017 to assure you are included in the 2017 membership directory. Please mail dues to HCQG, P.O. Box 706, Maggie Valley, NC 28751.


Message from our President:

*Please be aware that parking will be an issue for our November meeting as the church has other activities planned for the same time. HCQG members should plan on parking either at the post office or the library (bring a flashlight). Members can also carpool and/or have someone drop them off and pick them up. Please don’t let the parking keep you from enjoying our speaker who will be telling us about what’s new at Quilt Market this year.

*Please email Sheryl,, with your suggestions to make our quilt show better for 2017. You can also deliver a list in person at the November or December meetings. She will compile and pass out the suggestions at the January meeting for discussion and decisions.

*Sheryl would like to have a list from HCQG members of previous community projects: what was made, approximately how many, approximately when (year), and what community entity received them. This list will be printed up as a poster display for the Flossie White room as well as possibly put on our website so we can let people know what we have done and we are doing. This can include those projects that maybe weren’t official HCQG projects but that HCQG members worked on such as when they helped my daughters complete their ambitious pillow case project (benefitting Broyhill Children’s Home) and our helping Bernice with animal beds. Email:

*Row By Row donation quilt blocks are due to be turned in to Denise Seay by the December meeting. She has scheduled a work day on Friday, January 20, 2017 to begin to put it together. Bring your sewing machine, neutral (cream) thread, and the usual sewing supplies.

*Our December Social will be at Pasquale’s, Thursday, December 15, 2016, at 11:30 a.m. This luncheon will be instead of an evening meeting. Denise Seay needs a head count for the restaurant so if you did not sign up at the October meeting, please contact Denise to let her know you would like to attend. Get out your holiday clothes and those Santa earrings!



October 20
Connie Wulkowicz and Kay Ross

Kay was not feeling well so Connie gave usthe history lesson regarding the quilts made before and after the Civil War. Everyone enjoyed it! Thank you, Connie.

November 17
Sandy Fogarty will tell us What’s new at QuiltMarket…Trends and things.

December 15
Christmas luncheon at 11:30 at Pasquales.

To sign up for the luncheon contact: Denise Seay.


It appears there is a lot of interest in creating the rows for next years quilt! Groups are busy making their 10 blocks and some are already finished.

“A row quilt is a quilt set together in horizontal rows. Each row is made up of blocks from the same pattern, with each row showcasing a different type of geometric pattern or block design.

These quilts are easy to design and put together.” –

10-1/2″ blocks (10″ final block, 1/4″ seams)
10 blocks of each pattern
9 different patterns
Mountain or NC theme
Color scheme: Cream or off-white background
Colors found in nature: Blues, greens, reds, yellows, browns

Guild work day for assembling top: January 20, 2017.

Denise.Seay@ctt.comis in charge of the quilt.


President – Sheryl Lentini 734-8306

Vice Pres – Linda Hammar 648-9234

Sect’y -Gretchen Tope 627-2040

Treas. – Alyson Nelson 400-0587

At Large – Linda Carver 926-8582

At Large – Terri DeLano 630-677-6701

At Large -Susan Balantine 456-3101




Challenge Quilt Chair Jeannie Theodore 245-9455

Community Day Chair Elsie Orrell 926-9177

Donation Quilt Chair Your name could be here!

Library Chair Andrea Tilmont 926-9936

Membership Chair Janeen Conway 926-6211 (home) 269-405-6135 (cell)

Newsletter Chair Kathy Kelsey 926-3169

Program Chair 2016 Gail Holt 456-4477

Program Chair 2017 Denise Seay 803-528-3786

Publicity Chair Connie Nicholson 246-0557

Quilts For Heroes Donna Sharpe 734-3444

Quilt Show Chair Jan Hartmann 926-5318 (summer)

Sunshine Chair Betty McMillan 550-7814 (summer) 904-743-0503 (cell)

Vendor Chair Jan Hartman 926-5318


REMINDER: Betty McMillan is our Sunshine chair. If you know of an illness or death in our membership, please let her know: or 904-743-0503 (winter) or 550-7814 (summer).


Quilts for Heroes -Keep quilting!

Kitten/Puppy beds – Keep making beds!

12 X 12 square pillows. Stuff lightly with all those scraps we throw away and sew closed. Keep one by your sewing machine and fill lightly. If they are stuffed to tight they are hard to wash. Or, bring your scraps to the meetings and we will finish them. They go in the cages and given when an animal is adopted. The critters would love to have beds made out of that fabric you can’t remember why you bought it!


Bernice and Elsie

MEMBERS CORNER…If you have news or something for sale…..

Please email Kathy at if you have items for this area. Please send all articles by the 5th of the month. We hopeto have the newsletter out by the 6th or 7th so watch for it.Thank you.

Quilt Frame (80+ years old)

Donna Sharpe was given this hand quilting frame by a lady in Asheville. The frame is stored in the Flossie room. If anyone knows of a historical place that might want it call Kathy Kelsey at 926-3169.

Small Organ

If anyone knows a small church or an individualwho might need a small organ call Kathy Kelsey at 926-3169.

Quilters Bill of Rights #40 A quilter has the right to sew buttons for embellishment but not on shirts or other clothing.

Quilters Home Ju/Aug 2007

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High Country Quilters Guild, P.O.Box706, 3987SocoRoad,Maggie Valley,NC 28751


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